Top 10 Baby products to have if you are travelling during Covid

COVID-19, which started as a viral breakout, soon took the form of a global crisis, a pandemic with very less viable options to address the versatile range of concerns. The healthcare, socio-economic, and cultural infrastructure across the globe have endured the brunt of this pandemic. Social distancing norms have been brought into effect, then gradually lifted to accommodate income-generation activities to salvage the financial position of nations. Though the number of new cases is following a downward curve, and the recovery cases are going up, the general public is still unsure about how to navigate today and tomorrow.

The whole COVID-19 pandemic has been quite a harrowing experience, especially for the newborns, and their parents. Considering newborns have inadequate immunity levels, special care needs to be administered to keep them safe from the virus’s prowl. If parents have to undertake any sort of travel for long or short durations, extra caution must be exercised for the holistic wellbeing of the newborns. If you are wondering which baby products are the best, keep reading!

Here are the top 10 baby products that need to be in your carry-on while travelling with your little munchkin!

Baby Product Reason
Bambo Nature, Taped Diapers, Standard Pack


PureBorn Diapers, Single Pack




Disposable Diapers – Let your baby enjoy a dry, comfy, rash-free, and soothing travel experience

Wipes – Keep your baby clean, dry, and hydrated with tear-free, chemical-free, and soothing wipes

Creams, and Ointments – For the instances when your baby might end up bruising his/her upper skin layer or any other body parts

Baby Powders – Especially recommended for hot and humid weather transitions

Diaper Bags – Just to ensure you fish out the requisite item in an easy, quick, and hassle-free manner

Feeding Bottles and Replacement Nipples – For greater convenience, and comfort during travel-time feedings

Teethers and Pacifiers – Keep your baby pacified during long, and noisy journeys, especially on flights

Nursing Pillow – To act as a replacement for the crook of your arms and for extending better postural support for your little one

Breastmilk Storage – Store breast milk safely, and in a secure, stainless container or feeding bottle for the next feeding sessions

Sanitizers and Shades – Keep your baby’s hands sanitized at all times and safe from the sun’s UV rays

Disposable Diapers – For All Your Baby’s Potty Needs

Wondering how to take care of your baby in flight and tend to his/her potty-related chores? Here you go! Newborns tend to go through somewhere 6 to 7 diapers in a day and keeping them clean, dry, and comfy during travel is highly essential. And, disposable diapers organic in nature are ideal to keep your baby rash-free and avoid all the hassles.


Garb your baby with these cutesy, ultra-absorbent organic disposable diapers free of parabens, and perfumes, highly breathable, and certified for their eco, and skin-friendly properties, and you are sorted! Baby Amore brings to you a multitude of disposable diapers from widely celebrated brands such as Bambo Nature, Bhoomi & Co., Predo, PureBorn, and Heyday, etc.

Wipes – For All Your Baby’s Cleansing & Hygiene NeedsBuy Mustela Cleansing Wipes, 70 Counts online with Free Shipping at Baby Amore India,

Potty cleaning, does it appear a nightmare to you? Well, no matter how unpleasant the chore maybe, you need to get it over with since your baby’s overall health is reliant on this. Flying with a newborn? Cleaning up your baby during travel is altogether another challenge. Well, no more! We at Baby Amore bring to you WaterWipes and Aleva Naturals Bamboo Nose ‘n’ Blows Wipes with refreshing scents of Eucalyptus Oils, which gently clean stuffy little noses with natural saline solution.

These wipes are your perfect mate on the go, and are completely made from natural materials, and are biodegradable too! During travel, carry an extra pouch to dump the soiled diapers, and wipes for easily disposing of them without much hassle. Our WaterWipes will keep your baby clean, dry, and moisturized. A happy baby equates to a happy you!

Creams, and Ointments – For Your Baby’s Skin Care

Diaper rashes are quite common occurrences, especially during travelling. Keep your little one rash-free, and comfy with the potent creams and ointments such as Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Paste, Desitin Multi-purpose Healing Ointment, Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment, Sebamed Baby Diaper Rash Cream, etc. Get ready to bask in a safe, enjoyable, and hassle-free baby travel in flight experience.

Baby Powders – For Your Baby’s Skin Care

When you are travelling in dry, warm, and humid weather, your baby is going to get all sweaty, and cranky. How do you soothe your baby? Baby powders! Sprinkle some of the fragrant powders from our collection from Burt’s Bee, and Sebamed and you are all sorted!

Diaper Bags – For You to Store Everything for Your Baby’s Needs

Diaper bags, aren’t they just a relief for new parents, especially when on the move? You can store extra diapers, wipes, and all baby care essentials in one place, and in separate zippered pouches to store them safely. The best part is you won’t have to worry about fishing out all the stuff out of the carry-on to get the product that you are looking for.

We at Baby Amore understand how functionally crucial diapers bags are, and we also take the aesthetic aspect into consideration. You will be astounded by the aesthetic diaper bags we bring to you from brands such as JJ Cole and Ryco. While the prices may appear a bit on the higher end, they are totally worth it. Get ready to step out in style with your little one in tow!

Feeding Bottles and Replacement Nipples – For Your Baby’s Feeding Needs

Breastfeeding is no doubt the best way for ensuring a newborn’s nutrition, and holistic health. However, breastfeeding during travels might not be feasible, comfortable, and convenient at all times. We at Baby Amore bring to you anti-colic, stainless steel, and silicone pouch feeding bottles as well as replacement nipples to carry along during travels for greater comfort, and convenience.

Teethers and Pacifiers – For Your Baby’s Entertainment

Travel, and the accompanying hassle makes babies restless and irritated. The worry is compounded if the newborn is in the teething phase. Teethers and pacifiers are your best bet to keep your baby calm during the events of travelling. We at Baby Amore bring to you a whole range of cute, creative, and safe, natural rubber teethers such as Oil & Carol Ana Banana, Catchy The Carrot, Clementino The Orange, Coco The Coconut, Kendall The Kale, etc. Check out our Nuvita Air.55 glowing orthodontic, and symmetric pacifiers too!

Nursing Pillow – For Your Baby’s Comfort

When you are at home and feeding your baby, you have the opportunity to relax, and rest against a stack of pillows or on the sofa. However, when you are travelling, this might not be feasible. Carrying your baby in your arms may strain you and make your baby uncomfortable. Here comes the role of a nursing pillow. You can use it to rest your baby’s head, and upper body so that the little one stays comfy, upright, and settled for the feeding, and post-feeding session.

Breastmilk Storage – So that Your Baby never goes hungry

It is possible that your baby might get too hungry during travels, and storing breast milk in a safe, stainless container will prove beneficial. On the other hand, your little one may refuse to finish up his/her milk at one go. In this case, storing the breastmilk can be helpful for the net feeding session. Make sure that the breastmilk storage product is leakage-free, and maintains the desired temperature for your baby’s liking. Buy Roshambo Mint & White Shades online with Free Shipping at Baby Amore India,

Sanitizers and Shades – For Your Baby’s Eye Care

Hand sanitization has been paramount given the new normal circumstances. And, carrying hand sanitizers that are apt for your newborn baby’s delicate skin is essential. Also, don’t forget to carry sunscreen lotions, shades, and guards to keep your little ones safe, and protected.

Why Baby Amore

Baby Amore is deemed the ultimate destination in India for an extensive range of baby care products at unbeatable prices. All our products are clinically tested, and come recommended. Wait no more, check out our babycare corner right away!

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