Bambo Nature Diapers Review 2022 – Is it suitable for Indian babies?


  • All of the health guarantees are useful for parents of babies with sensitive skin.
  • These diapers are as environmentally super-friendly. They are even commercially compostable!
  • Babies can wear them from infancy all through their toddler years.
  • Since they can be used overnight, there is no need for special “overnight” diapers.
  • They’re thin so as not to be too bulky, but are also breathable and absorbent.


  • It might be hard to find the Bambo Nature diapers in local stores in India.
  • Could be considered pricey compared to other diapers in the market.



Bambo Nature diapers are guaranteed eco-friendly. They are manufactured by a brand that is known for its sustainable manufacturing processes – Abena. I hardly need to stress upon the fact that we all need to be environmentally conscious. As mothers, it is our aim to give our children a safe and healthy world to live. Let us do our part by choosing eco-friendly products. You can read more about what makes Bambo the best eco-friendly diaper ever on their website. These diapers are Chlorine-free, Fragrance-free, Latex-free & Hypoallergenic.

Skin Friendly

Bambo Nature combines the comfort of modern diapers with eco-friendliness. In addition to this. the diapers are also made completely chemical-free. You will realize when you open the package, that they are fragrance-free. No plasticky smell will greet you. They are free of any products known to be harmful to the health of your child or the environment. The diapers are also super soft to touch.

Fit And Absorbency

And now to the most important issues on hand for moms. No matter how eco and skin friendly a product is, we wouldn’t choose it if it was unable to keep the baby comfortable. Bambo Nature diapers surprised me with their fit. I mostly use pant style diapers for the fit they provide. But Bambo, with their stretchy side panels, gives a very good fit. The diapers take their shape according to that of the baby’s and fit snugly and comfortably. Full points on the fit!

Bambo Diapers are not one of those bulky diapers that you usually find. They are very thin and breathable. And that is why I was concerned about their absorbency. But once again, I was pleasantly surprised. The diapers last multiple wettings and stay dry for roughly 4 hours. Beyond that, I change the diaper anyways so absorbency is one very strong point in favor of Bambo Nature diapers. There were no leaks and the diapers did not puff up like many others do.


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You are going to love this! Bambo Nature diapers are available in 6 different sizes from newborns weighing 2 kgs to kids weighing 30 kgs! That is the widest range of sizes in diapers available today in India. No more wondering what to do after ‘XL’ or even ‘XXL’ (which are sometimes the same size as XL!). I remember the dilemma of a friend who was looking for larger sized diapers for her 3 year old for a long train journey. Her daughter refused to use the train toilets and my friend was in such a fix. I don’t know how she finally managed but I wish Bambo Nature was available then.

Bambo Nature diapers are available in Standard packs and Tall (Value) pack for Taped diapers, and in Standard pack for Pants style. You can purchase them as cartons as well.

For those who are concerned about Pants style diapers, they are available from Size 4 onwards.

What’s New In The Improved Version Of Bambo Nature Diapers 2020?

Wetness Indicator
With the wetness indicator included, parents will know when it’s wet. There will be no taking diapers on and off repeatedly to check for a soiled diaper. Now parents have one less thing to worry about 😛

Eco Packaging
Bambo Nature has adopted a green packing methodology, and has improved the compostability and sustainability factor of their packaging. Now, just like their diapers, their packing are also bio-degradable.

Pants Style
Previously pants style diapers were available only for size 5 & 6. Following the request of many parents, Bambo Nature has introduced pants style diapers for size 4 as well.

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