Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Pants Diapers, Size 4,7-14 kg, Tall Pack (40 pants)


  • Our disposable pant-style diapers used by parents in 60+ countries are super-soft and breathable to keep your baby happy and healthy!
  • Our premium diapers come with a high absorbency core that can stand multiple wettings
  • The new and improved super soft breathable outer layer promotes air circulation to prevent rashes and redness on your baby’s skin
  • The training pants are flexible, thin and easy to pull up and down for comfort. Our diapers are designed to make potty training easy
  • Bambo Nature diapers now come with a wetness indicator that helps parents know when it is a time for a change without any hassle
  • Our diapers are paraben-free, chemical-free, and without any perfumes, lotions and preservatives.

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