Best Baby Diapers for your Little Bubs in India 2022

Diaper is one of the most important essentials for a baby. You could either go the “green way” and opt for cloth diapers or opt for the convenient option which is disposable diapers.

The learning curve for cloth diapers is a bit long. There are different varieties to choose from and you may have to do a bit of trial and error before you round up on the one suitable for your little one. And of course, it is high maintenance too. It needs to be soaked in cold water as soon as it is soiled and thoroughly washed to maintain hygiene without affecting absorption.

Though cloth diapers are the greener option, about 80% of parents prefer disposable diapers owing to the huge convenience. After all, when you have a baby and a home to take care of, the last thing you would want is an extra load of laundry. Some experts are even of the opinion that the carbon foot print of disposable and cloth diapers is almost the same as cloth diapers require a lot of water for its maintenance.

However, I personally feel that combination of cloth and disposable diapering is best for your pockets. You could use cloth diapers during day time at home and whenever you go out and for night time, disposable diapers are more convenient.

If you are short on time, here is a quick insight in to the answer you seek.


How Do You Choose Best Disposable Diaper for Your Baby?

Even if you read the most detailed buying guides on diapers, few trial and errors are necessary before you round up on a suitable brand. So, buy sample packs of 3-4 of best diapers and then test them to identify the brand best suitable for your baby.

The following are the important aspects you have to take care of during trial and error. They are-

Type of Diapers
Tab style or pant style? What type of diaper should you choose for your little one?
Pant style diaper is found to be a little more expensive than the regular tab style diapers. But, they are a lot more comfortable, fit snuggly and are less prone to leakage.

Personally, I found tab style diapers not quite suitable for chubby babies as the sides might rub against the baby’s chubby thighs and hurt.

Parents will spend anywhere from Rs. 7-15K or more annually on disposable diapers. So, if you find two brands to be equal in comfort and fit, then opt for the inexpensive one by all means. You could also try subscription plans or look out for festive deals and offers for buying bulk diapers at discount.

The inner core of diaper is filled with Super Absorbent Polymers(SAP) and fluff made from wood pulp and wheat/corn materials. The fluff distributes the fluid throughout the diaper and the SAP absorbs the fluid and locks it away.

Be it environment friendly diapers like Bambo or regular ones like Pampers and Mamy Poko, every diaper has SAP. There is no conclusive evidence to prove SAP is toxic. Overall, it is believed to be safe and non-toxic.

In terms of absorption, we have found that all the diapers we mentioned in the list below are almost at par.

While the weight indicated on the diaper cover gives a fair indication of the right size for a perfect fit, you will have to give more heed to your baby’s body shape too.

For instance, Medium size diapers are for babies weighing between 7-12 Kg. But, my baby had to use Large size when he weighed about 9 Kg because he was short and chubby and medium size diapers turned out to be too tight.

Another point to note is if you find diaper leaking, first check whether the diaper is drenched. If not, ensure that it is properly worn. If you again find it leaking, you might have to go a size down as the present size doesn’t fit snuggly. More than often diaper leak happens because the diaper worn is oversized and not undersized.

Best Diapers For Newborn

Newborns need special care as their skin is very vulnerable and sensitive to developing diaper rash. Most brands have special diapers for newborn that takes care of their sensitive skin. Some of the best options are-

Bambo Nature Premature Diapers

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Suitable for babies weighing 1-3 Kg, Bambo Nature is one of the best diaper for newborns and babies with sensitive skin. It is thin, breathable and have flexible side panels for a snug fit. As the diapers don’t contain any harmful chemicals or perfume, the risk of allergy and diaper rashes are also minimal. The diapers are also certified by The Danish Asthma/Allergy Certification and The Nordic Swan Ecolabel to be free of allergens and carcinogenic ingredients. Being imported, Bambo Nature Diapers are more expensive compared to other regular brands.

Bambo diapers are available in larger sizes for older babies. If your baby’s skin is quite sensitive, then we would suggest going ahead with Bambo diapers and cloth diapering to prevent redness and rashes.

Pampers Premium New Born Care Diaper Pants
best baby diapers India

Made of soft, stretchable material, Pampers Premium Newborn Diaper pants are breathable and has a wetness indicator that turns blue as the baby wets the diapers. This is especially useful for new moms who are yet to get a hang of when to change diapers, thus preventing incidence of diaper rashes. The diaper is found to be high in absorbency and quite comfortable for newborns too. The only drawback is that the diaper has added fragrance to it.

Best Baby Diapers

Pampers New Baby Diapers
best baby diapers India

Pampers New baby diapers come in tab-style. Just like Premium Newborn Diaper Pants, the New Baby diaper also has wetness indicator, and is made of soft, stretchable material that stays dry for long. It also has added fragrances.

Note- Even though most brands mention that their diaper stays dry for up to 12 hours, new born babies have quite sensitive skin and the diapers have to be changed every few hours to prevent any diaper rash, and immediately when baby poops.

Pampers Premium Care Pants
best baby diapers India

Pampers Premium Care Pants are comparatively expensive, but it is worth the money as the diaper remains thin, dry and comfortable even after 12-hour night time use.

The diaper fit snuggly and thanks to the S-curve design, your baby can move freely wearing it. It is also the only diaper for older babies that has a wetness indicator. Even though the diaper contains added fragrance, cases of rashes are comparatively less.

Inarguably, most mommy reviewers suggest Pampers Premium Care as the best baby diapers in India

Mamy Poko
best baby diapers India

Mamy Poko diapers are available only in Pant style. It is found to be quite absorbent, soft and breathable in nature. It also has crisscross absorbent sheet that evenly spread the fluid and prevents sagging of the diaper—making it a perfect option for active babies.

Having used Mamy Poko for my son for the past 3 years, I can personally vouch for its quality. Once he turned 8 months, I started using a single diaper for the whole night and never had to face any case of diaper rash or redness.

Pampers Active Baby
best baby diapers India 2018

Pampers Active Baby is a tab-style diaper. Other than the difference in style, almost every other aspect is just like Pampers Premium Pants. It is quite dry and breathable and has added fragrance from mild lotion. If you prefer tab style diaper, then Pampers Active Baby is the best choice available.

Huggies Dry
best baby diapers India 2018

Huggies Dry is a tab style diaper that manufacturers claim is clinically proven to prevent diaper rashes. The size to weight recommendation of Huggies is also found to be different from Mamy Poko and Pampers. A medium size Huggies dry diaper is found to be almost of same size as Pamper’s small. So, take care when you are switching brands.

Though it is a bit thick, overall, the diaper is quite breathable and it was found to remain dry even after night time use.

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