A Comprehensive Guide on Selecting Newborn Baby Clothes

So, your precious little one is about to grace your life anytime soon? And, you might be anxious and overthinking whether you are prepared enough or not? Have spent endless hours browsing for newborn baby clothes, and still coming up short? Well, worry not, we have you covered with this comprehensive guide on newborn baby clothes!

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Our clothing represents our personal style statement, wouldn’t you agree? Well, the same goes for our little ones too, even more! So, it is a given that you would be looking for the trendiest clothes for your little one. With that sorted, let’s see where you are stumbling upon. 

Newborn Baby Clothes Buying Challenges

Here are some of the key challenges that new parents might be contending with while deciding on newborn clothing. 

Newborn Baby Clothes for a Boy? Or, a Girl?

You don’t know whether it would be a boy or a girl. While you have to bear the suspense until your little one arrives, you can keep a set of newborn baby clothes ready in each variety. And, of course, girl’s clothing items are far more different than boys. So, you will have to think it through too! 

Comfort or Trend?

Who does not love to grab their precious ones in fashionable clothes? However, comfort takes precedence when it comes to selecting clothing items for a newborn. Your little one is introduced to a new world, and you would definitely want to give him/her the best of the experiences. Keeping them cozy, and comfortable in no-fuss clothing items, which are easy to put on and off should be your top-most priority. 

Getting The Size Right The First Time

The birth weight varies from infant to infant, and so does the height. While the baby clothing marketplace is replete with endless size options, you should consider buying clothing in the 0-3, and 3-6 months age range for newborns. You can always tweak, tuck, and fold the clothing to accommodate your little one, and anyways they will soon be outgrowing them. 

How Much is Enough?

Wondering how many pairs of onesies, diaper dresses, and swaddle blankets you should be packing when the big day is just around the corner? While you might wish to give the world to your bundle of joy, buying too many clothing items might not be ideal. Sooner or later, your little one is going to grow, and you will have quite a stack of almost-new clothes tucked in your baby closet. 

These challenges are something every parent may encounter some time in their lives. Keeping that in mind, we have jotted down a list of must-have newborn baby cloth items. Let’s take a peek into the baby clothes checklist 0 -3 months

Types of Baby Clothes

You will be creating a fabulous closet for your little one as s/he grows. But you will need a set of clothing items packed away before you rush to the hospital. Let’s check out the types of baby clothes and names. 

Take-Me-Home Clothes

Finally, the moment arrives, and you are ready to introduce your baby to its new abode? Your family members must have left no stone unturned when it comes to decorating the space, especially the nursery. Garb your little one in the cutest, and the most comfortable take-me-home set, and embark on the journey. The picture-perfect memories will last you a lifetime. 


Wondering what clothes to buy for a newborn? Let’s understand your preferences first! Want your little one to have a snug and cozy feel? Well, then onesies or popularly known as bodysuits are your best bet. You can always choose between a full sleeve or half based on the season. And, the best part about bodysuits with button snap closures is that they enable no-fuss diaper swaps. It’s wise to buy just a size bigger bodysuit to allow your little one more mobility and flexibility as they grow.  


In the first few months, your little one is going to spend more time sleeping. You can also catch them smiling in their sleep, and making noncommittal noises. And, it’s quite a gratifying experience to watch them do so. Wondering how to dress a newborn for bed? Sleepwear for your little one must be a top priority for you, and you must buy comfy ones in bulk. These clothing essentials must ensure the perfect balance between warmth, and comfort. 

Outer Layers of Clothing

Newborns tend to prefer extra warmth. So, it is ideal to layer them up with multiple cloth articles. If needed, go for jackets, hoodies, and other versions of clothing to keep your little one nice, and warm. While choosing outerwear, bear in mind that it should allow your baby to move with ease. 

Feeding Cloth Essentials

Nutrition remains at the top of your mind when it comes to your precious one’s health and overall well-being. Whether you opt to breastfeed or bottle feed your newborn, feeding time is fun, and requires a lot of prepping. Get burping cloths, and bibs for your newborn ready before you put your little one for feeding sessions. This will save all the hassles during feeding, and cleaning up is even more seamless. While for home use, you can opt for solid colour ones, get cute ones for your baby’s outdoorsy visits. And, when buying burping essentials, get bibs in bulk so that you can stay fuss-free during the multiple feeding sessions throughout the day, and night. 

Footwear Essentials

For the better part of a year, your little one is not gonna stand and walk. But that does not mean you put off buying shoes for your little one. Apart from keeping your baby’s feet warm, shoes are an integral part of the baby’s outfit and have the potential to make or break the aesthetics. In case you are thinking of offering extra warmth, plan to get some cute yet pragmatic socks in versatile color, and patterns. If you wish to forgo the shoe bit, then opting for booties, which combine the usage of shoes, and socks, is ideal. 


Blankets and swaddles are more of bedding essentials, however, they form a critical part of the newborn baby’s clothing checklist. Newborns tend to prefer warmth, and snug feels, and blankets can help you achieve the same without any fuss. Now there are blankets available in the market that come with snappable buttons or strips so that there is no risk of any untucked corners or your little one catching the chill. 

Bathing Essentials

So, we have covered clothing essentials for newborns, from take-me-home sets to onesies to feeding, and outdoor visit aspects. How about bath time? Of course, you will need comfy bath gear for your little one to cover him/her up after the water playtime is over. There are soft towels and then there are towels with hoods; preference is yours! Pay great attention to the fabric type of the towels as you need to care for your baby’s sensitive skin too. 

Key Tips for Buying Newborn Clothes

  • Buy newborn clothes in the sizes for 0-3, and 3-6 months 
  • Pay attention to the height, and weight of the baby while selecting outfits, especially onesies 
  • Babies look adorable in classic whites, baby blues, pinks, and pastel colours. But you might prefer darker shades from the cleaning aspect. 
  • Opt for clothes for newborns that are machine and hand washable only 

Here is our secret handy checklist for how to select clothes for your newborn

We take utmost care to curate the best clothes for your little one so that you can always be ready for any occasion.

So here’s our secret checklist on how to pick the right clothes for your newborn.

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