Orange Toys, Fluffy The Hedgehog in Double-Pompon Hat


Meet Fluffy the Hedgehog. When winter comes many hide in their warm and cozy houses and are afraid to step outside in the cold. Not Fluffy. She is a big fan of spending time outdoors and a bit of chilly air isn’t a big problem for her at all. On weekends, you can see her skating or skiing with her friends in the morning, wrapped in her warm scarf and wearing her soft hat not with one but with two (!!!) pompons. After getting a nice dose of fresh air, Fluffy enjoys coming home and getting warm with some herb tea and self-made raspberry jam that she shares with her friends. It feels so good when you can make something so delicious yourself. Come over and warm yourself.

(Size: 25 cm, Sitting Size: 20 cm)

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