Orange Toys, Prickle The Hedgehog In Red Hat


Meet Prickle the Hedgehog. When autumn comes, Prickle the Hedgehog gets really busy. There are still some mushrooms and berries in the forest to pick up and prepare for winter. His friends do enjoy his tea with wild blackcurrant leaves and thyme that he picks up in the places that only he knows how to find. That’s why despite the chilly weather you won’t find him at his cozy home. Prickle the Hedgehog is out in the forest. He is not afraid of the cold because he is wearing his warm and soft knitted hat and scarf. You have to respect the autumn weather, otherwise you get cold in no time. Are you warm enough? If you are, let’s go to the forest with us.

(Size: 25 cm, Sitting Size: 20 cm)

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