Winter Skincare Essentials for Babies

Winter holds so many delights; from holidays to all-day warm snuggles with your little one, the season of joy is here! But as seasons change, concerns change, especially the skincare for your baby. Light skincare products meant for summer may not work well in winter. The winter wind is cold and dry, causes our skin to be less moist causing cracks.

Babies have more sensitive skin than adults and without proper care, can get exposed to rashes and eczema. But worry not, here is an extensive guide to tackle your bundle of joy’s winter skincare challenges.

The organic and chemical-free way

Little baby girl hugging a toy watching the winter snow outdoors as she sits in front of a large view window.

When it comes to your little one’s health, it is always best to go in an organic and eco-friendly way. Employ products that are chemical-free and certified skin-friendly, like the wide range of products found in Baby Amoré. Organic baby skincare range ensures the baby gets all essentials it needs for the skin to stay put in the winter. Some of the common problems found in babies during winter are dry and chapped lips; red and itchy skin; rosy cheeks due to the cold wind.

Here are some tested ways to protect your baby’s skin from cold winter winds:

Moisturize every day!

An un skippable part of the everyday routine is to moisturize your baby’s skin. Some of key things to look in skin moisturizers is if they are made of naturally derived ingredients, those that have the goodness of aloe vera or orange, or other natural peel extracts. Baby body lotion should have the right pH balance and should be smooth on baby skin. You can also pick those that are milk-like or silky in texture that helps glide through the baby’s skin.

Zero paraben, toxins, and fragrance are also some things to look for. When you choose the right organic baby skincare lotion, nothing can go wrong with your baby’s winter skincare routine. Also, check for baby lotions online that stays for 12-24 hours to ensure round-the-clock protection for your baby skin.

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Don’t forget the sun protection even in winters

A common misconception is to apply sunscreen only during summers or while outdoors. In reality, though the winter sun is mild, it still has sun rays seeping into our body that is not healthy for babies especially those under the age of three. Buy sunscreen lotions online that have a minimum SPF of 30. Sunscreen lotions with triple protection that have UVA/UVB-Filter and Vitamin E are better for baby skin. Look out for Natural Inulin and Lecithin. Inulin is derived from soybean, eggs, and sunflower oil, while Lecithin is extracted from chicory root. These ingredients offer maximum hydration! Quick Tip: Look for eco-friendly sunscreen lotions online that are non-greasy and leave out no white residue on the skin when applied.

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Happy bath means happy baby

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Baby bath products should always be different from that the ones that adults use. A baby’s sensitive skin and eyes and needs special products that have a tear-free formula and help maintain the right skin pH. While looking for baby bath products online, look for a baby wash that has the goodness of coconut and sunflower oil that keeps the baby skin soft during winters; ones that are approved by pediatricians, and has a very mild scent that calms your baby. Organic baby body washes with natural oatmeal in them are something that can be used throughout the year.

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Massage oils for winter

It is okay for babies to skip their everyday bath schedule during winters since bathing can increase moisture loss from the skin. Prepare lukewarm water and short baths instead of the usual long ones and gently pat them dry with a towel to lock in the moisture. It is also a best practice to apply a moisturizing lotion right after the bath. Protect your baby’s skin from flakiness and dryness with gentle massages using dedicated oils rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Look for baby massage oils online that have natural ingredients. The baby oil should be free of phthalates, parabens, and petroleum jelly. Such oils lock the body moisture and enhance skin texture. Also gently pull your baby’s hands and feet as you massage for better relaxation.

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Organic Baby soaps for winter

Baby soaps for winters are different than the ones you can use in other seasons. Check for baby soap bars that are alkali-free have wheat germ oil, vitamins, and amino acids that nourish and hydrate the baby’s skin that reduce water loss through the skin.

A Quick Note that might help

It is necessary that your baby is nourished inside out so ensure along with breastmilk, your baby also has enough water intake to ensure maximum hydration. If you find your baby’s lips chapped, then there’s no better solution than mother’s breast milk that acts as a natural lip balm to avoid cracking. Make sure your baby gets the right winter skincare with the best organic baby care products.

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